Consultancy, research & partnerships Netherlands and Nigeria

Applying logic, enabling change

Agri-Logic operates where agricultural production, development, international trade and consumer markets intersect. We combine a thorough understanding of farm level reality and commodity trade with scientific research skills and a track record in sustainability strategy design and implementation, to help clients deal with sustainability challenges and market requirements. We are comfortable with data and with people.

Consultancy and strategy

We design strategies for sustainability issues faced by FMCG, supply chain companies, non-profits and governments aiming for economically viable impact. We understand agribusiness from farm to consumer. We have experience in a wide range of crops, and a global network of stakeholders and experts.

Research and analytics

We offer a range of research skills ranging from impact evaluation to land-use suitability analysis, crop modelling, financial modelling, sector studies, data collection and big data analysis. We combine scientific rigour with the pragmatism that is required in a commercial environment.

Partnerships and management

We assist clients with the design and implementation of their supply chain sustainability strategy and management of their sourcing and sustainability projects in order to meet market demand while creating business value.

Expertise in agronomy, impact, return on investment and trade

Agri-Logic was established by senior agribusiness experts with a range of skills who have worked on all continents. We believe profitable business can be combined with positive impact. We value facts, objectivity and people. 

The network currently has a core team of four senior exports, two full-time junior consultants, and a network of over thirty freelance experts globally. Agri-Logic operates from two offices: Ede, The Netherlands and Lagos, Nigeria. Within our team and network, we can provide any expertise you need in agribusiness.

Experience in global agribusiness

The Agri-Logic team has global experience in a wide range of commodities and sectors. Have a look at our portfolio or download our publications.

Agri-Logic products and services

Many small-scale producers have limited insight into the relation between their investments and profitability. Similarly, investors in sustainability programmes are often unsure which of their interventions contribute most to enhanced farm-level productivity and profitability and how this affects their performance. 

The Farmer Field Book (FFB) is a software package with which farmers can keep track of their daily activities and investments. Supply chain managers and donors can generate agronomic and economic profit & loss statements for farmers and analyse the performance of their sustainability programmes. Currently, the FFB is implemented in 9 countries with over 6,000 farmers with 5 supply chain management companies, 2 manufacturers and 3 donors.

Agri-Logic Farmer Field Book brochure